Watch ‘One Tree Hill’ Cast Reunite: Brooke, Peyton And Hayley Video Chat


It’s an “OTH” reunion! Sofia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Joy Lenz reprised their “One Tree Hill” roles as Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer and Haley Scott for a special PSA on Sunday.

In a two-minute video posted to Instagram, the three women are shown on a web chat. Brooke (Sophia Bush) checks in with Haley (Joy Lenz), who is writing music and yelling for her son Jamie not to draw on the walls (which is a little weird since Jamie would be about 14 by now) and go play with his sister.

Then, Peyton says that Brooke is “mid-campaign,” revealing that B. Davis has become a politician. She asks if her godchildren are registered to vote, but Peyton’s daughter Sawyer and Haley’s kids, Jamie and Lydia, are all well under 18. This was actually Brooke’s sneaky way of asking if Haley and Peyton are registered.

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“It’s Register a Friend Day! I just had to check,” Brooke says. “I didn’t want to shame anyone, but, you know, friends don’t let friends not vote.”

“You should put that on a campaign poster,” Haley says.

“Do you think it would be better than my original slogan?” Brooke asks as she shows off her “Brook Davis: The Easy Choice” pin from her high school election. Fans will recognize the prop from the entrepreneur’s Season 2 storyline where she won the election for student council president.

Brooke reveals that they can tell their other pals to text FRIENDS to 26797 to find out if they’re registered to vote.

Watch the “One Tree Hill” reunion below:

On Instagram, Lenz revealed that Haley’s Emmy prop actually belongs to Paul Johansson, who played her father-in-law Dan Scott on “One Tree Hill.”

The Register A Friend Day campaign is from I Am A Voter, a nonpartisan organization that promotes civic engagement. I Am A Voter co-founder Mandana Dayani revealed that the “One Tree Hill” reunion was Bush’s idea.

“When one of your best friends and partner in good, @sophiabush, has the brilliant idea to get her cast back together again to help #registerafriendday break the internet,” she captioned a post.

As part of the campaign on Sunday, several reunions came up. Fellow CW alums from “The Vampire Diaries,” Kayla Ewell, Candice King and Michael Trevino, also recorded a message.

Like the “OTH” cast, “GCB” cast members Kristen Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb, Jennifer Aspen, Annie Potts and Miriam Shor also shot an in-character video chat.

The “Will & Grace” cast, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack, made a fun little sketch as well.

“The Good Wife” stars Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming filmed their own reunion too.

“Iron Man” stars Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow also filmed a call.


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