WATCH: Shocking moment drunk plane passenger tries to enter cockpit and has to be tied up


A FLIGHT in Russia faced disruption after a drunk male passenger attempted to break into the plane cockpit and had to be physically restrained. A shocking viral video of the incident captured the man tied up and shouting at staff.

A plane passenger in Russia has been arrested after he became disruptive during a domestic flight. The unnamed man, believed to be drunk, attempted to break into the aircraft cockpit. The incident took place an S7 domestic service from Mineralnye Vody to Novosibirsk.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs said the passenger in his fifties, became aggressive.

Shocking footage from the plane shows the man yelling and swearing at staff.

He can be seen tied to an aircraft seat by tape across his body as staff crowd around him.

Crew were forced to restrain the man “to avoid serious consequences,” said the Ministry’s official representative Irina Volk.

The passenger was arrested and prosecuted for “grossly violating public order” during the flight.

Volk described the series of event: “Getting aboard, police officers found a man fixed in a chair, who was kicking the wall of the cabin with his feet,” reported The Telegraph.

“It was established that the citizen with visible signs of intoxication during the flight had used obscene language against flight attendants and other passengers.

“He reacted aggressively to the comments of the airline personnel and was trying to enter the cockpit.

“To avoid serious consequences, the crew was forced to restrict his movements.”

Further footage shows the passenger behaving aggressively, shouting and charging at police.

According to the Ministry, he continued to “behave defiantly” once in police custody, swearing at the officers on duty.

Unfortunately, air rage is far from uncommon on aircraft.

Earlier this year, Russian actor Lidiya Velezheva was caught on camera during an outburst on a flight.

The celebrity was filmed being dragged from the aircraft by police as she dubbed her fellow flyers “plebs”.

The video, which has gone viral, shows the actor in the business class cabin of an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv.

According to reports, she became agitated before take off.

Her temper is said to have risen and the Independent reported that she “flew into a rage”.

Footage of the moment police came on board to escort her off the plane shows her shouting: “I’m an actress and you are a pleb.

“Because you probably bought the ticket with miles. And I paid 204k roubles [roughly £2,500].”

Two plainclothes police officers came onto the plane and escorted the Ms Velezheva off the aircraft.


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