Weather forecast – UK hotter than Mexico this weekend as Brits flock to beaches and parks in heatwave


BRITS are packing out beaches and parks this weekend as temperatures are set to soar to hotter than Mexico.

Sun seekers flocked to beaches to make the most of the clear skies and spectacular weather as traditional temperatures for July kick in.

It is 18C in Mexico city today, compared to a current 24C for most of the UK, but for some spots, mostly in the north its been a rainy one.

The cricket at Emirates Old Trafford has been delayed by the rain.

People were out enjoying the sunshine on the beaches in Lyme Regis in Dorset, Bournemouth, Margate and Cornwall.

Today marked the first day of the schools’ summer holidays, meaning parents can finally get a break from doubling up as a home school teacher.

And crowds also lapped up the rays outside pubs in Portsmouth.

The mercury is set to hit 25C today making it hotter than Mexico City’s 24C.

This week’s warmer weather has been welcomed by Brits after a dreary start to July with lower than average sunshine.

People are keen to enjoy themselves outdoors after the coronavirus lockdown kept them cooped up inside for months.

But along with the warmer weather, some areas could see temperatures fall and some downpours as well.

Tonight will see some patchy rain across northern England and Scotland, which will spread across the south of England and Wales on Sunday.

Nicky Maxey, Met Office forecaster, told The Sun: “There is more sun – but only for some of us.

“A cold front in the north of the UK is bringing some rain to northern parts, but underneath that there is much brighter weather with hot temperatures and sunshine today.

“As the weekend goes on temperatures will dip slightly as scattered showers move south.

“Temperatures will stay around the July average for the rest of the week.”

As the summer gets into full swing, more outside events have started to sprout up throughout the country.

Markets are slowly beginning to reopen and as more restaurants and cafes, cheerful Brits can now be seen outside tucking into food and drinks.

On Thursday, thousands flocked to the beaches to make the most of the sunny weather as temperatures rose to 28C, making it hotter than Ibiza.

Temperatures hit 28.4C at Heathrow and 28C at Kew Gardens – making parts of the UK even hotter than Ibiza (27C).

Families were pictured building sandcastles while swimmers cooled off in the water.

Bournemouth Beach was also packed with people enjoying the warm weather.

And families made a splash at Lymington Sea Water Baths on the first day the lido in Hampshire reopened.

Now Brits are able to jet off to places like Spain and France, there are hopes that the UK’s beaches will start to become less crowded and traffic in coastal areas will ease.

Parks including London’s Hyde Park and Clapham Common were also full of walkers, cyclists and sunbathers making the most of the summer sun.

Sunday is looking likely to be cooler with temperatures dipping below 20C in most places and with rain predicted across the UK.

But it could still reach 24C in the south east of England.

Met Office forecasters recommend keeping an eye on the weather on Sunday as it could be unpredictable.



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