Weather forecast: UK set to bask in 25C weekend scorcher after Storm Edouard batters nation with heavy rain


THE last remnants of tropical Storm Edouard will batter the UK with rain for the next couple of days – but there will be sunny weather in its wake.

Strong winds and showers will hammer the country as the tropical storm moves across the Atlantic, before temperatures as high as 25C this weekend.

The country is expected to experience heavy downpours from Thursday.

Two days of back-to-back showers are expected after the ex-storm makes its way across the ocean.

The weather will then improve this weekend with temperatures potentially soaring to 26C during the week.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend.

“On Sunday temperatures will be around 24C to 25C, and it’ll be warm especially towards the South East,” he said.

“Saturday’s expected highs are between 22C and 24C.

“On Monday we may see temperatures of 25C to 26C in the far South East. It will warm up gradually as the week goes on, it’s not going to quickly shoot up.

“Generally the dry and sunny weather will persist over that period for most of England and Wales.”

BBC weather maps suggest highs of 24C in London by Tuesday with the south set to see several days of warm and dry weather.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast states: “Temperatures are likely to be either around or on the warmer side of average, with the warmest conditions likely in the southeast.”

BBC meteorologist Tomascz Schafernaker said conditions were “looking pretty good” for this weekend with “lots of warm sunshine on the way”.

BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes, meanwhile, said “two lumps of cloud” are set to bring rain today before Edouard arrives, with “no sign of the weather settling down just yet”.

Today, Mr Fawkes said the rain will become “a little more confined to the south” and will continue “in pulses – light one minute and then a bit heavier”.

It is expected to be cloudy and murky for much of England and Wales and heavy rain is set to fall in the west later on in the day.

Scotland can expect slightly brighter weather and Northern Ireland will see the odd shower.

For Thursday to Saturday, rain is expected in the south but the north will see sunshine and showers.

On Friday the north and east of the country will have showers, but for everywhere else it’s expected to be fine and dry.

On Saturday, those looking to enjoy their weekends outside can expect plenty of sunshine throughout most of the UK.

Images of Storm Edouard from space show how it’s gathering pace and growing as it moves northeastward.

According to the National Hurricane Centre, the cyclone is forecast to continue moving rapidly before it is expected to be absorbed into a larger front over the North Atlantic today.

NASA said the cyclone was officially “born” on July 4 and is the fifth tropical storm of the Atlantic Ocean this hurricane season.

National Hurricane Center forecaster Jack Beven said: “The cyclone is located in a region of strong southwesterly vertical wind shear, is heading for colder water, and is approaching a frontal system. 

“This combination should lead to extratropical transition between 12 to 24 hours, and it is possible that Edouard could strengthen a little as transition occurs. 

“After transition, the extratropical low should persist for another 24 hours or so before the circulation dissipates.”

While the storm will be considerably less powerful by the time it reaches Britain, there will still be days of unsettled weather in the coming week.


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