‘We’re all right.


‘We are secure.’

Every night, Shahnaz Khetabi would keep a wary eye out for her husband’s return home from work.

In Kabul, Afghan army member Abdul Tamim Zeiaye worked alongside US troops to secure the fragile Western-backed government.

The Taliban terrorized the Zeiayes.

When the Zeiayes learned that the Biden administration was planning to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan in September, they rushed to join tens of thousands of other Afghans in a chaotic exodus from the war-torn country.

The Zeiayes arrived in Harrisburg last week after spending several weeks at a military base in Virginia being processed and vetted by American officials.

They are still paralyzed by terror.

Abdul and Shahnaz Zeiayes agreed to share some of their stories with INFOSURHOY, but they insisted on not being photographed or videotaped for fear of the Taliban targeting their relatives back home.

The Zeiayes were joined by their four children, sons Ahmad Nawen, Nadem, Tawhid, and daughter Yusra, who sat quietly alongside their parents, tentatively accepting juice boxes that were offered to them, as they tended to the scheduling of health appointments and other important business.

“We’re in a great mood.

It is safe for us.

“We’ve arrived,” Abdul Tamim Zeiaye said, remaining reserved for the time being when questioned by others.

“It’s good to be here,” his wife agrees.

“We are content.”

They are not forthcoming or effusive in their apprehension, which is understandable.

They each have a mother and siblings back in Afghanistan, and they are concerned for their safety.

They’re also overwhelmed by the fact that they’ve arrived in a foreign land where they don’t speak the language and have no way of getting around.

“We need a car,” Abdul Tamim Zeiaye said, perhaps oblivious to all of the requirements for not only owning but also driving a car.

Thanksgiving Day is unknown to the Zeiayes.

They claimed that such a holiday does not exist in their home country.

They are grateful, however, to have escaped their homeland alive.

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Afghani family arrives in Harrisburg

Afghani family arrives in Harrisburg

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