We’re not against face masks but we need to know when we can chuck them away


A QUESTION for the Government as we all mask-up today by law: When can we stop?

The Sun is not against masks. Indeed we backed them months ago. It seemed obvious to us they must have some preventative effect.

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But that was with daily deaths at 1,000 and new infections at 5,000. Both have fallen by 90 per cent, yet NOW we are ordered to cover up in shops or be fined.

We will not join the “live free or die” brigade who consider their refusal to wear one an act of Mandela-like civil rights heroism. It is a small, temporary price for the return of greater normality.

But we do ask this of Boris Johnson: When can we chuck them away again? How low must infections and deaths fall?

You need a firm exit plan, PM.



IT should mortify the Tories that just one in 14 crimes now results in a charge.

The “law and order” party is presiding over an era in which the public has lost faith in our police and courts.

It is the legacy of a decade in which previous Tory Governments saw crime fall year after year and complacently cut police numbers, only to be caught short when offences exploded again.

Now they are desperate to recruit 20,000 officers. But that will only take us back where we once were and progress towards even that is painfully slow. So is the Royal Commission on justice they have also promised.

Cops themselves cannot dodge some of the blame­ — not when Twitter-addict police chiefs ignore burglaries while wasting manpower chasing non-existent offences against wokeness.

The overall result of all this is too many victims being denied justice, while others have too little confidence in the justice system even to help cops pursue prosecutions.

The Home Office needs rapid solutions.

OUR struggling firms should now prepare as best they can for there being no quick free trade deal with the EU.

Talks are at a stalemate and we cannot see a solution unless Brussels budges.

It still simply refuses to accept Britain as an independent nation with our own economic rules and full sovereignty over our waters, setting limits annually on EU fishing catches.

It pretends to respect our repeated pro-Brexit votes, then insists our negotiators must surrender fundamental rights, which would make a nonsense of them.

Chief negotiator David Frost has commendably stood firm on the key issues.

The EU does not make these demands of other major nations it negotiates deals with. Why with us?

If talks do collapse, so be it. Brussels may need a few years to get their heads around an independent Britain.

Then, we suspect, a deal will be done.

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