What happened to Turpin’s House of Horrors?


What happened to Turpin’s House of Horrors?

THE Turpin family made headlines in 2018 after it was revealed that the family had a history of child maltreatment.

Following their pled guilty to kidnapping and torturing their children, David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

The Turpin house, which was located in Perris, California, about 70 miles east of Los Angeles, became known as the “Turpin House of Horrors” as the case gained media attention.

Jordan Turpin, who escaped in 2018 and dialed 911, spoke out for the first time on ABC’s 2020 in 2021, saying she thought she was “going to die” in the household.

Jordan, 21, told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer: “I knew I’d die if I got caught.”

“I believe it was our numerous near-death experiences.

At the very least, if something bad happened to me, I tried.”

While the Turpin House of Horrors refers to the California residence, Jennifer Turpin, the oldest Turpin child, revealed that the abuse began in Texas.

David and Louise lived in Fort Worth and Rio Vista, Texas, before moving to California.

David and Louise have 13 children.

They frequently chained their children to filthy beds as children, forcing them to live in squalor for years.

They were deprived of toys and games and only fed once a day. They were only allowed to shower once a year.

According to Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin, while the parents ate well, they tormented their starving children by leaving apple and pumpkin pies on the kitchen counter but not allowing them to eat any.

“There was a lot of hunger,” Jordan explained to Sawyer.

“I’d have to come up with a way to eat.”

I’d eat either ketchup, mustard, or ice.”

The children were so malnourished when they were rescued that they were all assumed to be under the age of 18, despite the fact that seven of them were adults.

Investigators said an 11-year-old girl was malnourished to the point where her arm circumference was the same as a 4-and-a-half-month-old baby.

Jennifer also revealed that her parents would use biblical passages to justify their actions, further traumatizing them.

“They loved pointing out things in Deuteronomy, saying, ‘We have the right to do this to you.’… that they had the right to kill us if we didn’t listen,” she explained.

Jennifer and Jordan went on to say that they were even punished if they colored outside the lines, and that they were frequently dragged across the floor…

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David and Louise Turpin have 13 childrenThe house was located in Perris, California

David and Louise Turpin have 13 childrenThe house was located in Perris, California

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