What is Heidi Fleiss’ net worth?


Heidi Fleiss is a well-known actress, but how much money does she have?

Heidi Fleiss is a well-known madam who ran a prostitution ring in Los Angeles at one time.

After one of her parrots was shot, Fleiss now fears leaving her Nevada home.

Heidi Fleiss, 56, was a former madam who ran a Los Angeles-based upscale prostitution ring.

She grew up in a family of six children in California.

In 1987, at the age of 22, Fleiss began managing a prostitution ring under the direction of Madam Alex.

Fleiss started her own prostitution ring in 1990, with famous clients such as Charlie Sheen.

She was sentenced to seven years in prison for tax evasion in 1996, but she only served 20 months of her sentence.

She now lives a quiet life in a Fort Churchill property off North Highway 160, caring for her 25 parrots.

Fleiss claims that one of her macaws was injured just before Christmas.

A pellet gun was used to shoot the parrot in the leg.

Fleiss is offering (dollar)5,000 for information that leads to the identification and arrest of the criminal.

“I want to castrate him, and I want them to get the death penalty for shooting my little Chuey, who was just flying around doing nothing,” she told the Pahrump Valley Times.

She has lived in Pahrump for nearly 15 years and is considering moving out of Nevada as a result of the incident.

Fleiss has announced that she will be moving her exotic bird rescue sanctuary to Missouri.

“By the end of February, my birds will have left.”

“I think the best moments of my life have been here with my birds, watching them fly and explore and seeing them finally be free after years of being caged,” Fleiss told the outlet.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Fleiss has a net worth of (dollar)1.5 million.

Pandering was published in 2002, and The Player’s Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Dating and Relationships was published in 2004.

She also had a column called “Ask Heidi” in Maxim Magazine.

Fleiss owns the Flying S Ranch Ultralight Flightpark in Nevada and runs an exotic bird sanctuary.

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