What to do and where to stay on a city break to Coventry’s cultural capital


What to do and where to stay on a city break to Coventry’s cultural capital

There’s never been a better time to visit than now, with it being named the UK’s City of Culture for 2021 and millennia of history to keep you entertained.

When should I leave?

In 2021, when Coventry celebrates its tenure as City of Culture, being sent there takes on a whole new meaning.

Coventry, which has long been overlooked in favor of nearby Birmingham, is having a moment, and there’s never been a better time to visit.Coventry was chosen because of its rich creative history.

It was a center of the textile industry for centuries, and it is now the home of British cars and the birthplace of the bicycle.

It is also known for being the birthplace of Two-Tone, demonstrating the city’s cultural prowess.

Theatre productions, poetry readings, and music festivals are among the City of Culture events.

The Assembly Festival Gardens, which have two tents, bars, and street food, have opened in the heart of the city across from the council house and will be open until October.

Terry Hall, lead singer of local band The Specials, is curating his Home Sessions, a series of gigs that will take place at the beginning of August and will feature The Libertines and Tim Burgess.

In September, the Turner Prize will be held at the Herbert Art Gallery, and the Coventry Biennial, an art festival, will take place from October to January 2022.

The Big Foodie Weekend has been rescheduled for June 2022, while Sound Systems will commemorate Coventry’s musical history this autumn.

Coventry2021.co.uk and coventrycitycentre.co.uk have more information.

Coventry, in addition to being the City of Culture, has a millennium of history to keep you entertained.

Its grand medieval quarter, home to a Medieval Guildhall, the ruins of a 12th century priory, and cosy Tudor-beamed pubs, demonstrates the wealth that was once here.

The surrounding new town now features a mix of Georgian, Brutalist, and contemporary architecture, as well as brand new murals and public art commissioned specifically for this year.

The small town center is extremely walkable, has recently been redeveloped with flower beds and water features, and is surrounded by a ring road that makes it simple to navigate.

Where should you stay?

In May, the brand-new Coventry Telegraph Hotel (1) opened in its former location.

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What to do in Coventry and where to stay on a city break to the cultural capital

Coventry travel guide: What to do and where to stay on a city break to the culture capital

Ask a local

Sally Johnson, Broadcaster

Sally Johnson (Photo: Jaymi McCann)
Sally Johnson (Photo: Jaymi McCann)

“If the sun is shining I love to have my lunch in University Square. It’s a great place to people watch and you get a gorgeous view of the old cathedral. Then, take a walk down Bayley Lane, just to the side of the Herbert Art Gallery. There’s an artwork there showing where the old houses would have been before the city was bombed in the Second World War. You can see who lived there; I wonder what they would think of Coventry now.”

(Map: iNews)Exterior of Coventry Cathedral also known as St Michael's, a 14th-century Gothic church (Photo: Mike Kemp/Getty)Whittle Arch in Coventry City Centre (Photo: Mike Kemp/Getty)Sally Johnson (Photo: Jaymi McCann)

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