What’s On Sharkfest Tonight? National Geographic’s Sunday Schedule Revealed


Sharkfest is swimming back to National Geographic on Sunday. The fin-tastic event premieres with an all-new special, and shark fans will want to tune in.

The programming event, which will span five weeks on two channels, kicks off Sunday with “World’s Biggest Tiger Shark?” at 8 p.m. EDT on National Geographic.

The special stars Kori Garza, a marine biologist, expedition leader and conservationist based in French Polynesia. She’s a tiger shark expert, and she and underwater cinematographer Andy Casagrande make a big discovery in this special. They find juvenile tiger sharks using cooperative hunting tactics. Obviously, “World’s Biggest Tiger Shark?” isn’t just focused on the kids, though.

Tiger sharks are the deadliest sharks after great whites, but French Polynesia is home to many of the creatures. The apex predators being so prevalent indicates that both the population and ecosystem in the area is thriving. As such, Garza has seen quite a few huge tiger sharks, but the marine biologist believes this could be the world’s biggest tiger shark. She could be 18 feet long, setting a new record. Have they found a mega shark?

Garza is a founding member of the Ma’o Mana Foundation, an organization that protects the sharks of French Polynesia. They educate, research, promote safe shark interactions and monitor illegal shark fishing.

Casagrande, meanwhile, is known for his impressive underwater filming techniques.  He takes advantage of the most advanced tech he can in addition to usuing super-slow motion, thermal-infrared, night-vision and remote-controlled spy cams.

The premiere Sharkfest special will be followed by a new episode of “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.”

“World’s Biggest Tiger Shark?” airs Sunday on National Geographic.


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