When does Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn align for Thanksgiving?


When do Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn align for Thanksgiving?

THANKSGIVING is already a special day for families across the United States, but this year, three planets align, adding to the magic.

In November, you can see Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all at once in the night sky.

On November 25, you can see Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky as they approach Venus.

Above the southern horizon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus should be visible.

They appear to be stars that shine brighter than the rest of the galaxy.

As the Sun sets, Venus will become visible.

If you have clear skies, the best time to look is just after sunset in your area, as Jupiter and Saturn will approach Venus and the horizon as the night progresses.

“Watching November’s evening planets from night to night is like watching a slow-motion chase,” the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics said.

“Venus appears in the afterglow of the setting sun and doesn’t move for the entire month.”

“Saturn and Jupiter, on the other hand, are not so brilliant.

You can watch them close in on Venus as they head toward the horizon after nightfall.”

The most visible of the three planets, Venus, will be at the bottom right.

Jupiter will be in the top left corner of the trio, with Saturn in the center.

Before drawing closer together, they should form a diagonal line in the sky.

A telescope isn’t required, but it may be useful for a closer examination.

Examine the scene from a dark location with minimal light pollution and clear skies.

The eight major planets of our Solar System can never be perfectly aligned due to the different orientations and tilts of their orbits.

It’s been over 1,000 years since they were in the same part of the sky – 949AD – and it won’t happen again until the year 2492.

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury aligned in 2002, and another alignment is expected in 2040.

The three inner planets – Mars, Venus, and Earth – align every 39.6 years on average.

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Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the sky this month

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