While the victim slept, the rapist handcuffed her and went to play poker.


After handcuffing the victim to her bed while she slept, the rapist went out to play poker.

At a flat in Clydebank, vile taxi driver Richard McKillop repeatedly preyed on his victims, hitting one with a belt eight times and handcuffing another to the bed.

A rapist handcuffed a victim to a bed, then went to play poker.

Richard McKillop preyed on the woman repeatedly, telling jurors that he never believed he had done anything “wrong.”

The pair had met on a dating site before the 57-year-old taxi driver subjected her to a terrifying ordeal.

Following a trial in Glasgow’s High Court, McKillop was found guilty of raping the woman.

The attacks took place in a flat in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, between 2011 and 2013, according to prosecutors.

Between 2016 and 2019, McKillop was also found guilty of raping a second woman at the same address and at a house in Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

He was remanded in custody pending his sentencing, which will take place next month.

The relationship had been going well until the first victim noticed a change in McKillop, according to the jury.

After he’d played poker, he’d say something like this.

McKillop had told her to “f*** off” if there was “no sex.”

“It was his way or no way,” she testified at the trial.

When she was alone in the flat, the woman remembered an incident.

“I woke up handcuffed to the bed one morning,” she said.

There was no one in sight.

“He thought it was amusing when he got back.”

He walked out and left her to play poker, according to the court.

The victim had no idea what had happened previously, but she suspected she had been raped while sleeping.

That’s how the woman felt the last time he preyed on her.

The woman had previously been handcuffed by McKillop, who was also from Clydebank, according to the trial.

“This was not role play or consensual sex,” prosecutor Alan Mackay said in his closing remarks.

It was a case of rape.”

The second victim said McKillop made her feel “like a w***e.”

They’d met previously through the internet as well.

She was hit with a belt eight times and only did a sex attack because she was afraid of being hit again.

The evidence was a “graphic account and clear indication” of what McKillop did, according to prosecutor Mr MacKay.

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