Why does your luggage take so long to appear after a flight?


Why does your luggage take so long to show up after a flight?

ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING aspects of air travel is waiting for your suitcase to be unloaded from the plane.

And it turns out that everything you’d imagined about your bag moving slowly is correct.

On Tiktok, a baggage handler known as @djsugue posted a video of himself unloading luggage from the plane’s belly.

He’s kneeling in front of stacked suitcases, which have been compared to Tetris blocks, in the video.

He loads the bags onto a roller one by one, at a rate of 17 per minute.

Given that planes can carry upwards of 800 people, it’s not surprising that the process takes so long.

In the comments section, sympathetic viewers expressed their newfound admiration for baggage handlers.

“This is difficult work,” one person wrote.


“I’m going to have more patience now that I’ve seen it,” one person wrote.

“I couldn’t do this,” one participant said.

My arms would become overworked far too quickly.”

The best way to make sure your bag is the first one off the plane was previously reported by Sun Online Travel.

Picking up a fragile sticker and slapping it on your suitcase is said to expedite the process because fragile bags are loaded last and unloaded first.

Similarly, checking in at the last minute will get your bag returned faster because it will be one of the last ones on the plane and thus the first to come off.

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A baggage handler has shown why it takes so long to get suitcases off a planeA baggage handler filmed himself unloading suitcases in the belly of the plane

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