Why Is Netflix Is Being Boycotted? Users Call For #CancelNetflix Amid ‘Cuties’ Premiere


Social media is calling for a boycott of Netflix (NFLX) and is asking subscribers to cancel their memberships with the streaming platform after the release of the coming-of-age film “Cuties.”

The French-language film, which was released on Netflix on Wednesday, has sparked outrage across Twitter for the belief it sexualizes adolescents with the hashtags #BoycottNetflix and #CancelNetflix trending on the platform as a result.

While the movie is being dubbed “child pornography” and “disgusting” by Twitter users supporting the hashtags, film critics have remarked the movie is actually a feature-length criticism of the sexualization of young girls.

“Cuties” tells the story of Amy (Fathia Youssouf), an 11-year old girl that has her eye on joining a dance team called the Cuties. Netflix bills the film as a story about a girl that rebels against her family’s conservative values and the trailer showcases a group of pre-teens dancing together in provocative clothing.

Several users posted their frustration with Netflix on Twitter on Thursday, with one user saying, “I can’t express how angry I am that @netflix thinks this sexualisation of children is acceptable to broadcast. #BoycottNetflix.”

I can't express how angry I am that @netflix thinks this sexualisation of children is acceptable to broadcast.#BoycottNetflix https://t.co/rELDyGbgbC

— Iris (@Iris_Schult) September 10, 2020

Another user posted, “Everybody who has a Netflix subscription, please immediately cancel it until they take down this filthy, Pedofilia spreading movie. ‘Please leave the children, as Children.’ Also report official trailer as child abuse. #cutiesnetflix #BoycottNetflix #NetflixPedofilia.”

“Cuties” found itself embroiled in controversy prior to the film’s release last month because of its movie poster for the streaming service. The original poster depicted the film’s child actors in crop tops and shorts, which some suggested objectified the young performers. Netflix later removed the poster, calling it “inappropriate artwork” and noted it was not “representative” of French-Senegalese writer and director Maïmouna Doucouré’s Sundance Film Festival award-winning project.

To date, a petition on Change.org calling for the removal of the film from Netflix and has received over 341,000 signatures.

Shares of Netflix were trading at $503.07 as of 10:10 a.m. EDT on Thursday, up $2.88 or 0.58%.


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