With fingers crossed, the end of the COVID-19 crisis stage is approaching.


With fingers crossed, the end of the COVID-19 crisis stage is approaching.

COVID-19’s high-alert, never-ending fear may be coming to an end soon — possibly as early as next year.

We must continue to be cautious and cautious.

We need to solve a few issues.

We also require some good fortune.

However, the general consensus of four experts interviewed by INFOSURHOY is one of optimism.

“If I had to bet, I’d say we’re in the midst of the last big surge,” said Dr.

Infectious disease expert John Goldman of UPMC


“I’m beginning to feel optimistic this might be the last very bad winter in terms of COVID-19,” said Catharine Paules, an infectious disease specialist with Penn State Health.

The optimism stems from a confluence of factors that could soon bring the COVID-19 crisis to a head:

COVID-19 is unlikely to go away entirely, according to most experts.

“We’ll be infected by the virus.”

It will spread throughout the population.

But once everyone is vaccinated or immune, it will cause a much less severe form of the disease,” Goldman said.

COVID-19 is expected to become “endemic” soon, which means it will settle at a normal, consistent level.

“We need to see COVID causing much less severe disease,” says the researcher.

“We can start thinking about life being a little bit more normal” if it can become another respiratory disease with a relatively mild illness due to circulating immunity and effective antiviral therapies, etc.

Geisinger’s infectious disease director, Stanley Martin.

“I expect those things to happen in the next few months, hopefully,” says the author, “though there are a lot of variables that can influence the direction and outcome.”

“As a result, nothing is set in stone.”

Much of it comes down to “predictability,” according to Matthew Ferrari, director of The Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Penn State.

He’s referring to a time when we’ll know exactly what to expect from COVID-19, rather than constantly fearing and avoiding the worst-case scenarios.

COVID-19 has been the leading cause of death for the majority of the pandemic, especially among the elderly and those with medical conditions…

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