With the arrival of the Omicron wave, the percentage of children under the age of one who were admitted to the hospital increased.


With the Omicron wave, the proportion of children under the age of one admitted to the hospital increased.

Covid, according to scientists, behaves more like common winter viruses in children who do not become ill.

The proportion of children under the age of one admitted to hospitals has increased as a result of the Omicron coronavirus outbreak, but they aren’t getting sick, according to scientists.

According to data released today by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), the average length of their stay was about two days, and only a small number required oxygen or other assistance.

Experts say that by taking their children to the hospital, parents are doing the right thing, and that NHS hospitals have plenty of paediatric capacity to handle cases.

They add that doctors are seeing children, screening them, and sending them home with positive results.

According to data from the 14th of December 2021 to the 12th of January 2022, 42% of all children admitted to hospitals were under the age of one, compared to 30% for the rest of the pandemic.

Calum Semple, a professor of child health and outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool who advises the Government through Sage, was a member of the research team.

“Our study has shown that in the last four weeks, there has been an increase in the proportion of children admitted associated with the onset of Omicron, with children under the age of one driving this,” he said.

The most striking feature is that nearly 42% of the children are under the age of one, compared to around 30% previously.

“It appears to be affecting children from the poorest neighborhoods the most – more than any other group.”

The big question is whether these kids are seriously ill or not, and I want to emphasize that these aren’t sick babies.

In fact, they’re only here for a short time to conduct investigations.”

The new information, which comes from a Covid-19 Clinical Information Network update to the ISARIC 4C study published on January 12, is still preliminary and incomplete.

“No other strong signal of a change in patient characteristics, severity, or management is seen,” the study concluded.

“I think we’re seeing Covid behaving,” University College London professor of child and adolescent health Russell Viner said.

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Covid-19: Proportion of children under one admitted to hospital rose with Omicron wave

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