Woman tries to sell normal looking £300k house… but buyers are put off by its bizarre interior


THE owner of a property that doubled up as a “mini love hotel” has said she’s struggling to sell the house because of its bizarre interior.

Willemijn de Lint has said she will paint the whole of the house white if she still can’t find a buyer by the end of the month.

She decided to give the house in North Holland a “pop art style” for couples that wanted to have a romantic break in her mini “love hotel”.

However, the local council decided they did not like her semi-official business plan, and ordered her to apply for all the correct permits.

Deciding it was too much work, she decided to put it on sale where it quickly went viral on the real estate agent’s pages of Funda, notching up 250,000 views.

But the graphic designer creator Willemijn said that despite all the interest in her “sin suite” they had still not managed to find a buyer.

Loads of people turn up to view it online, but not many people seem to be serious buyers.

She said: “I wanted to create something that was an alternative to all the dull white hotel rooms with grey bed linen.”

It is located in a building on the Gedempte Raamgracht in the Dutch city of Haarlem which is in North Holland.

She added that although no longer rented for love, she had found a lucrative temporary solution involving people turning up for photos.

She said: “I am going to leave it until 1st August to find a buyer for everything, and if not I’m going to slowly strip everything out and turn into something more desirable which eventually means white space. I expect it will then soon be sold.”



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