Woman trying to pose for photo with wild BEAR flees in terror as it angrily lunges at her


THIS is the terrifying moment a woman dices with death as she foolishly tries to pose for a photo with a giant bear.

However, instead of getting a memorable snap she is forced to run for her life when the camera-shy beast suddenly lunges at her.

The nail-biting incident was caught on camera in Bacău, Romania, at the end of last month.

A video clip shows the woman’s car pulled over to the side of the road as people in the car behind film the dramatic scene.

She then approaches the lone wild bear and appears to try and give it some food.

The unnamed woman is seen walking up to the beast seemingly with something in her right hand.

Those recording her can be heard saying “I have to film it, look how she is holding her hand… stupid girl”.

The bear then suddenly turns on the woman, who turns and sprints for her life back towards her car.

Fortunately for her, the bear stops after its initial charge as the people recording gasp in shock.

One can be heard saying: “Can you see how stupid she is? Go into the car. All that risk for a picture with a bear?”

The original video was published on TikTok by Alessandro Bacaoanu but has since been deleted.

The Romanian authorities have issued repeated warnings for drivers not to treat bears on the roadside as pets.

Costel Alexe, the Minister of the Environment, recently said: “The bear is a wild animal protected by law, not a pet.

“I say once again to the citizens of this country: a bear which has tasted biscuits, wafers, and feels that he can get his food in this way, will never be able to adapt to the forest again.”

Attacks are not unknown in Romania which is home to an estimated 7,000 bears.


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