Xbox One Reportedly Discontinued, Exec Assures XB1S Still Available


Several sites reported earlier today that Microsoft discontinued the Xbox One model citing various stores. For a few hours, gamers, fans, and gaming enthusiasts were confused if the Redmond-based tech giant has indeed stopped selling the gaming console. Thankfully, a recent statement from the company executive cleared the confusion.

Xbox Clarifies Confusion

A Microsoft executive recently confirmed that the current generation Xbox One S was not discontinued. Pure Box  spotted the response of Xbox Business Planning Lead Dan Tavares on the inquiry of a Twitter user. When asked about the Amazon listing, Tavares said that the lower-end device is still available. 

The executive explained that Xbox changed the SKU numbers. “Amazon is just messy in how they show products,” he added. Interestingly, Tavares only clarified the availability of Xbox One S. He has not yet commented on the availability of Xbox One or Xbox One X.

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Xbox One Consoles Discontinued?

Earlier today, reported that Microsoft might have already discontinued the Xbox One family of consoles ahead of Xbox Series X’s arrival. The publication cited various physical and digital for the information. According to the site, Microsoft’s Australian site no longer lists the Xbox One or Xbox One X for sale.

Additionally, stores like JB Hi-Fi and EB Games are reportedly saying that Microsoft is not allowing them to order any more Xbox One X’s stock. In the US, Target already marked the entire collection of Xbox One gaming consoles as discontinued. Furthermore, Amazon marked several models of Xbox One as discontinued.

Other Details

While Tavares explained to the Twitter user the reason behind the unavailability of Xbox One S, he was only referring to one model. He did not explain why other Xbox One models were not available or marked as discontinued in other stores. Earlier this month, the executive said that demand for Xbox has been great during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His explanation was acceptable, but it came out in the first week of July while these reports are most recent. Others believe that Microsoft might be clearing the shelves of particular Xbox models ahead of the arrival of Xbox Series X. Microsoft earlier announced that its next-generation gaming console, the Xbox Series X would arrive in the holiday of 2020.


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