Xbox Series X vs PS5: Microsoft ‘has major advantage’ over next PlayStation


XBOX Series X will have a major advantage over the PS5 when the next console generation comes around, according to reports.

Xbox Series X will allegedly have a big advantage over the PS5 when the next-gen consoles launch in 2020. Like with the PS4 and Xbox One, the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be launching in the run-up to Christmas. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are pencilled in for a holiday 2020 release when the next-gen of gaming kicks off.

The release of the next wave of consoles will cap off a huge year in gaming when some highly anticipated titles are set to be released.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 are all coming out before the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch.

Arguably the main reason the Xbox One has lagged behind the PS4 this gen has been the huge amount of exclusives the PlayStation 4 offers.

This is underlined by how three of the biggest releases of next year (Last of Us 2, FF7 Remake, Ghost of Tsushima) are PS4 exclusives.

Microsoft has been making in-roads to address this issue, with a number of big studio acquisitions being made ahead of the Xbox Series X launch.

Ninja Theory and Obsidian are among the big name studios that have been bought by Microsoft ahead of their next-gen assault.

And the fruits of this labour have already been seen with the recently revealed trailer for Hellblade 2, which is an Xbox X console exclusive.

And we could see further signs of how the Microsoft studio acquisitions pay off on the day the next-gen consoles launch.

According to reports, the Xbox Series X will allegedly launch with between 12 to 16 exclusives – which would be an unprecedented number of launch exclusives.

This has been claimed by Russian video game journalist Anton Logvinov, who said the PS5 will not have a single major exclusive at launch.

According to a post by, Logvinov said the PS5’s launch line-up will instead be bolstered by enhanced versions of PS4 exclusives.

If this is true then it would surely give the Xbox Series X a major advantage over the PS5 when the next-gen consoles launch in 2020.

However, it would be highly, highly surprising for the PS5 to launch without a single day one exclusive.

In fact, it would be unheard of.

With the release of each new PlayStation Sony has always brought with it an exclusive title for gamers to pick up on day one.

Ridge Racer was the big launch exclusive for the PS1 and with the PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament was the day one pick-up only available on Sony’s console.

When the PS3 was released the major launch exclusives were Ridge Racer 7 and Resistance: Fall of Man.

While for the PS4 the big launch exclusives were Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack.

It would be a huge surprise for Sony to release the PS5 without a singe exclusive.

It would go against everything they’ve done with other console launches and for a company so astute it would be a particularly baffling move.

It would be a massive open goal for the Xbox team to score from and would put the PS5 at a big disadvantage from the off.

Considering how long Sony have been prepping the PS5 launch for, it would be a decision that would not make sense for many reasons.

So, as with all rumours it’s best to take this latest claim with a big, big dollop of salt until official confirmation.

PlayStation fans hopefully, however, won’t have long to wait to find out what exactly are Sony’s plans for the next-gen.

It’s rumoured a major PS5 unveiling event will take place in February, where we could hear more about the launch line-up for the PlayStation 5.


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