Yob cries as he’s jailed for 14 days for urinating by PC Keith Palmer memorial after drinking 16 pints


A YOB broke down in tears today as he was jailed for urinating next to a memorial to PC Keith Palmer after drinking 16 pints.

Andrew Banks, 28, sobbed in the dock as he was sentenced to 14 days in prison at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.

Banks pleaded guilty to outraging public decency after he was pictured urinating next to the memorial stone during Saturday’s protests in central London.

His dad David told The Sun he was a “stupid plonker” and “devastated” by his actions.

Prosecutor Michael Mallon today said Banks was in the capital to “protect statues” – but admitted he did not know which statues.

Banks’ lawyer Stuart Harris told the court he didn’t know where he was urinating or the significance of the plaque.

He was said to have drunk 16 pints during Friday night into Saturday morning, and had not been to sleep.

Banks contacted police after being confronted by his father, the court heard.

The harm caused is the upset and shock felt by members of the public who saw the photograph.


Mr Harris said his client was “ashamed by his action”, and had mental health issues.

Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot told Banks he had caused widespread “revulsion” with his actions.

She added: “The harm caused is the upset and shock felt by members of the public who saw the photograph.”

PC Palmer, 48, was fatally stabbed as he stopped a knife-wielding terrorist at Westminster in March 2017.

Tobias Ellwood, who gave CPR to the tragic cop, called urinating at the memorial “abhorrent”.

The photo of Banks was taken during a day of violent clashes in the capital as police battled to keep rival groups apart.

A group — which included football hooligans and far-right thugs — disrupted Black Lives Matter protests and claimed they were out to protect statues from possible attacks.

Banks’ father David told The Sun from their family home that his son was “devastated” at what had happened.

Mr Banks said he believed the unemployed trainee chef was in the capital to take part in the Black Lives Matter protest.

He said his son had not aimed at the memorial in Westminster’s Parliament Square — saying he did not know if he was even aware of it.

He’s devastated. He can apologise for being a stupid plonker.

He continued: “Sometimes young lads get a bit desperate. Andy picked a stupid place to go to the toilet.”

Mr Banks added: “He’s devastated. He can apologise for being a stupid plonker.

“He was next to it, not on it. All the toilets were closed. Its a silly thing to go and urinate on a public street.

“But he’s not the first person to have done that and I don’t suppose he’ll be the last.”

When asked if his son was a member of the EDL or a far-right group, Mr Banks replied: “No, I’d kill him if he was.”

A source said of the accused: “I know he likes going to the football. He likes a drink and socialising. He’s not a bad kid.

“In his defence he probably didn’t know where he was taking a p**s, but it’s not acceptable behaviour.”


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