Yorkshire Ripper faces dying in high-security jail after it’s ruled he’s still dangerous


YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe faces dying in his tough jail – after failing in a bid to have his high-risk category downgraded.

Prison chiefs refused to remove his Category A status, which means he is still ranked among the most dangerous cons.

The decision means Sutcliffe, 74 – who was barred from attending the tribunal due to lockdown – may never be moved from high-security Frankland Jail, County Durham.

And yesterday a source said: “Sutcliffe is devastated about the ruling, as it means he could spend the rest of his days at Frankland and end up dying there.

“He harboured hopes of moving to another prison, with a more relaxed regime and possibly closer to friends and relatives.

“He also considers himself not to be dangerous, and seems to have wiped his heinous crimes from his memory.

“But he is deluded if he thinks any board of experts is going to downgrade his status.

“He is moaning about it in jail and how tough it is – but no-one has much sympathy for him.”

Sutcliffe – who murdered 13 women and attempted to kill seven more – was told the result of the ruling in a letter.

The fiend has told pals he plans to appeal it with the help of his Legal Aid-funded solicitor.

Lower Category inmates are more likely to have moves to less secure jails approved – and have more ‘privileges’ including free time and TV rights.

They are also treated as less dangerous if taken out of prison for medical treatment.

Sutcliffe told a friend: “They are determined never to lower my status, although they did not even hear from me before they made their stupid ruling.

“They have thrown everything back in my face and want me to spend the rest of my days rotting in here, with no freedom at all.

“I am not dangerous and could be moved somewhere more relaxed and suitable for older prisoners.”

Sutcliffe was moved to Frankland from Broadmoor high-security hospital in August 2016 after bosses ruled his paranoid schizophrenia could be treated in prison.

He is serving his sentence alongside other notorious killers including Levi Bellfield and Ian Huntley.

Sutcliffe launched savage knife and hammer attacks on lone women in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester from 1975 to 1980.

The monster – also suspected of other unsolved attacks – was finally caught in January 1981 and jailed for life at The Old Bailey five months later.

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