You season 2: Joe’s next victim confirmed as Love Quinn as trailer teases bloodbath?


YOU SEASON 2 is almost here and the trailer has identified Joe Goldberg’s new victim, aspiring chef Love Quinn.

You season 2 is almost upon us and psycho killer Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) has a new name and a new identity as he moves on from his dodgy past to find his next victim. Fans of the hit Netflix show know that he kills in the name of love and his new target’s name couldn’t be more fitting, as the trailer for the next series introduces Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

While the trailer shows his fun-loving side, it quickly turns sour as the show turns into a bloodbath, much like the last gripping series, with flashbacks to his first murders.

Joe no longer goes by the name of Joe, and has adopted a new persona ‘Will Bettelheim’, as he moves to LA to escape his wrongdoings.

New name, new place – what could possibly go wrong?

Although he claims he’s changed, his psychopathic tendencies worm their way back into his mind as he slowly becomes obsessed with Love, who is an aspiring chef working as a produce manager in a high-end grocery store.

As the two grow closer, it seems like there is nothing standing in his way.

But the twisted killer will son find a few problems he needs to get rid of before he can embark on his future with his new girl.

One is his knife-welding ex-girlfriend Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), who was revealed to not be dead when she turned up at the very end of the last series, after viewers believed she had been murdered by Joe.

By the way she acts, it seems like he at least tried to do something terrible to her…

And two, Love’s brother, who is quick to question what ‘Will’s’ intentions are with his sister.

Viewers are yet to find out what she wants with Joe, after hints that something hugely dramatic went down between them before he met Beck.

But hey, he bumped her off out of love, so fans can only imagine what he’ll do to someone he hates.

And, as he revisits his deadly chamber in the cellar of his New York bookshop, viewers soon come to realise he’s back to his old tricks as a dead body lies in the cage.

But who exactly has made his victim this time?

Fans know the crazed killer does everything for love, but how far is he willing to go in this series?

Could Love be in for the same fate as Beck?

It’s clear she’s head-over-heels for him, but will she discover who she’s involved with before it’s too late?

Penn previously told that viewers should expect the unexpected, even though the series is based on books, Hidden Bodies.

“It will diverge from the book because there’s one major way that I think Joe in the show diverges from Joe in the book, and that is some base level of humanity,” he described.

Hmm, some might not agree that his murderous character has any form of humanity, maybe in the sense that he feels a tonne of love for helpless victims?

Joe can be heard saying in the trailer: “I won’t let this situation go bad. Nothing is okay without you, Love.”

Seem familiar?


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