You’ll Have to Remove Your Galaxy S10 Case to Use Wireless PowerShare


We’ve already heard that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 range will include ‘Wireless PowerShare,’ Samsung’s name for the reverse wireless charging feature already found on phones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

However, a discovery by UK site Mobile Fun on the packaging of some official S10 cases has made that feature a lot less appealing – you’ll probably have to take the case off to make it work properly.

In a video showing they really don’t give a crap what Samsung thinks of them, Mobile Fun has a good look at the official S10 cases, running through features including a gap at the side for the fingerprint sensor on the S10E and the charging notice on the back of the packaging:

Here’s a closeup of the notice:

OK, it doesn’t say you have to remove the case, but we’re not sure they’d have bothered putting it there if the feature worked perfectly with or without.

Honestly this is pretty disappointing. Not many people are going to use Wireless PowerShare to wirelessly charge up other people’s phones, but lots of people will want to use it to charge the rumoured wireless Galaxy Buds earphones, and potentially other wireless earbuds.

The whole point of wireless charging is convenience, and taking your phone case off every time you want to use it is the opposite of convenience. We’d argue it’s actually less of a faff to just cable-charge a device than it is to try and crowbar a close-fitting case off your phone all the time, especially with the risk you’ll accidentally send it careening across the floor, smashing the screen the case was meant to save.

We’ll wait for the official S10 launch on the 20th to find out more about Wireless PowerShare and the Galaxy Buds, but for now colour us ever-so-slightly-disappointed-though-still-really-excited about the S10. [Trusted Reviews]


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