Young man shot dead on football pitch next to children’s playground by ‘moped gunman’ in broad daylight


A MOPED gunman shot a man dead on a football pitch yesterday — as children played nearby.

Two youths blasted the victim, said to be aged around 21, in an apparently targeted attack, in Islington, North London.

A source said: “Some of the children carried him to the side and tried to help him.

“The guy who was killed is well-known in the area and is the eldest of five brothers.”

A witness said he saw the incident from his home. He said: “I heard seven shots, ran to the window and a guy on a bike or moped rode off.

“He was looking back. When I looked to the park, I could see a guy staggering, then fall.”

“There’s always crime around here, the shooting is shocking but not much of a surprise. It’s not nice though, especially near the local park.”

A man who lived in the area said he “knew the victim well”.

He said: “He was just one of the younger kids from my area who I knew from my time in hanging around on the Caledonian Road, Bemerton estate, I saw him a few weeks ago near Paradise Park.

“It’s very sad and I feel for his family, but this young man is probably the tenth person I know from the borough to die due to violence so it’s hardly a shock anymore.

“It’s more shocking that he was shot rather than stabbed if anything.”

It’s very sad and I feel for his family

The man said the area had a “huge problem with gang rivalries”.

“The rivalries are not dying out as the generations change, they are getting worse and I really don’t have any answers on what we can do to change that,” he said.

Videos of the scene – thought to be on the Westbourne Estate – showed dozens of police cars and emergency vehicles.

In one clip an officer could be heard telling people to get back so they didn’t walk on potential evidence.

A Metropolitan Police statement confirmed the fatal shooting at around 3.20pm, on Roman Way.

Cops think the victim was in his early 20s.

His next of kin have been told and there have been no arrests.

A statement says: “Anyone who witnessed the incident, or who has video or images that could assist police, is asked to call 101 ref CAD 4432/4 July.

“The public have a huge role in helping to both prevent and detect crime.

“We need to hear from anyone who has information about this crime, or about someone they suspect to be carrying a weapon or involved in organised crime.”


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