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At what point the Belgians respect the rules imposed to combat the epidemic of Covid-19 ? To find out, Sciensano has conducted a series of surveys in recent weeks. The first two, conducted from April 2 to 9, and from 16 to 23 April, have already delivered their results.

A third survey was conducted between 28 may and 4 June. The data should be further analysed in depth for a publication on the 25th of June next. But Sciensano book already a few lessons on the knowledge and respect of the protection measures.

Hygiene, distancing physical

This survey was conducted during the first phase of déconfinement, at the time where social contacts were still limited to four people.

Among the questions asked : to what extent did the participants complied with the preventive measures since their introduction ?

Between the second and the third survey, we note an increase in the proportion of people who say they do not adhere to the strict measures of hygiene (from 14% to 18%), and the extent of distancing physical (from 12% to 26%)“written Sciensano this Friday. The exact number of respondents, however, is not specified.

By the way, “nearly 4 in 10 (39%) indicate does not comply strictly with the extent of the bubble, social, and 42% indicate that they do not respect the distancing physical with the members of their bubble social“.

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A question of age and sex

Another noteworthy fact : the observance of certain rules is variable as a function of age and sex.

Thus, “young people and men are significantly more likely to not strictly adhere to the various measures put in place. For example, 24% of men reported in the third survey that they do not adhere to strict hygiene measures, compared with 13% of women“.

How the participants justify their non-compliance with the measures ? “Among the persons who reported at the third inquiry does not strictly adhere to the measures, a large proportion (70%), were cited as the reason that they were conservative or only and that therefore this should not pose a problem“adds-t, are we still on the side of Sciensano.


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