Your evening longread: Cold water swimming cured my broken heart


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Broken heart swimming

Wendell Steavenson found that after a break-up and a death, swimming in the very cold sea helped.

(The Guardian, 21 mins reading time)

 I put off deciding, walked out a little deeper, the water sloshed icy against my knees, my thighs. After a minute or two, my legs seemed to get used to the temperature. But when the sea lapped my stomach, the cold stabbed and stung. I swayed, delayed defeat. Stood for a long time with the sea around my hips, hesitating, and then, in a moment of suspended thought, I let go. Perhaps it was easier to give in to the sea than to the self-reproach of allowing it to get the better of me. Suddenly, there I was, chest heaving with rapid shallow breaths, arms beating a frantic breaststroke – swimming. 

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