‘Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed’ May Be First Zoids For Western Nintendo Switch Players



After a long time, the “Zoids” franchise will finally make a comeback – this time, on Nintendo Switch. The Australian Classification board was revealed to have approved a rating for a “Zoids” game with the title “Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed.”

The Classification Board rated the game, which was developed by Codeglue and published by Outright Games, Gematsu reported The game will reportedly take after “Zoids Wild: King of Blast” which has been released for the Switch in Japan in February 2019. The fighting game set in the world of the anime “Zoids Wild” has never been released for western players until now.

It has also been recently announced that another game based on the “Zoids Wild” world is in development and will be released this winter in Japan. The strange thing is that “Zoids” games are usually developed in Japan, and Codeglue is based in Denmark. It may hint to more projects coming to the Switch that may be connected to the world of “Zoids,” which was a huge thing in the 80s.

According to Nintendo Life, there are many possibilities for what the new Zoids game might be. While “Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed” might be a localized version of the Japanese game, the recently announced game could be anything. It could be a new game, completely developed by Codeglue and based on the “Zoids Wild” universe. It is highly possible given Codeglue’s porting expertise.

Another possible answer is that it is a whole new “Zoids” game. Given the series’ history with Nintendo portable consoles, this is highly likely. The last “Zoids” titles that were playable on a Nintendo handheld were the Zoids Saga series – Zoids Saga and Saga II, Saga Fuzors, and Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia – and the Zoids Dash game.

This is also the latest in a long line of “Zoids” games to be turned into a video game. “Zoids Wild” is the fifth ‘cross-media’ series based on buildable Zoids toys, and it was started in 2018.


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