Anjou shows off $699 laser nail printer that can add ANY image to your manicure in just 30 seconds


Anjou has unveiled a tabletop beauty device that can print any picture on your nails in a matter of seconds.

The firm demonstrated the technology at CES this week, showing how users can choose from 500 pre-loaded designs or upload their own images for custom prints.

It will be released for $699 at the beginning of next month, and can be used either in the salon or at home.

Anjou showed off its Laser Nail Printer at the VAVA booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

It works much like a standard gel manicure – at least, in the first few steps – requiring you apply a base layer and printing layer that must each be cured under UV light.

Once that’s done, you select your image and put your finger under the printer. tested out the printer on the show floor.

While there were a few hiccups (mostly due to an existing layer of darkish nail polish from a pre-CES manicure), the system was able to quickly print a picture of this reporter’s ferret, Pickles.

The system uses smart nail identification to put the design in the correct place.

All if this is displayed on a small screen on top of the device, which lets you view the progress of your print as it’s completed.

The printing process itself takes just about 30 seconds, while the entire process from start to finish lasts about 5 or so minutes, with the UV curing time taken into account.

It works best with bright, basic designs that have clear definition, though it’s also capable of taking more intricate images, from pet pictures to family portraits.

Anjou says the Laser Nail Printer will be available in February.



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