Arabs Fly to Space! U.A.E Targets First Mars Mission to Know How Hot Red Planet Is


The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) is now ready to launch its very first Mars Mission in history, starting this week. The first Arab space mission will be seeking different data from the red planet– investigating how hot planet Mars is. The government of U.A.E. wants this mission to be an inspiration for the younger generation to understand space travel and embark on space engineering.  

As said, this would be the first time that the Arab community will travel to space. Five years ago, U.A.E. said that they would need time before launching anyone up to space as the funding was limited at the time. 

The country’s main space agency, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, launches images of the ‘Hope’ project, which is said to be the ‘game-changer’ on space exploration. 

The Hope Mars mission will start on July 14 and expected to reach the planet by February 2021. If it is successful, it will jibe with the U.A.E.’s 50th anniversary of its establishment as a nation. 

“This mission is not just about the U.A.E. it’s about the region, it’s about the Arab issue,” Omran Sharaf, the mission’s project manager at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC), said. “The region is going through tough times, and we do need good news, and we need the youth in the region to really start looking inwards, building their own nations and putting differences aside to co-exist with people with different faiths and backgrounds and work together.” 

This week, the fueling of the spacecraft that will travel to Mars will start its operation. Weeks from now, it is expected for the agency to prepare its liftoff. 

B.B.C. reported that the Arab probe will be taking seven months before it reaches to the Mars and begin its orbit– the planet has 493 million km away (308 million miles). 

The machine needs to remain orbiting on Mars for an entire Martian year, or 687 days. 

U.A.E. will use a Japanese rocket and will look for heat

U.A.E. doesn’t have a launchpad to support the mission. This is the reason why the space agency will use a rocket shipped from Japan. Figures of the price of the rocket were not discussed in the report but should be expected once the spacecraft is ready to launch at the latter stage, according to the agency. 

Unlike other initial Mars missions done by countries, this would be the first time that a Mars mission will focus on the holistic frame of the planet’s climate, pointed out by Sir Ian Blatchford, director of the U.K.’s Science Museum Group. 

So, can we finally know how hot Mars is, after this exploration? 

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