British firm launches household cleaner that destroys coronavirus in just 60 seconds


A British company has launched a new household cleaner that it claims can destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus in just 60 seconds.

The cleaner, called Cert, comes in a handy tablet form, and can be used on hard surfaces and hard floors.

To use it, customers simply place the tablet in 500ml of water in a spray bottle, and start spraying.

Robin Rough, managing director of Hydrachem, the firm behind the cleaner, explained: “We see Cert. as a real breakthrough for cleaning and hygiene.

“We’ve manufactured for the NHS for many years – now everyone can destroy COVID-19 at home or at work.”

The detergent works by chemically modifying the spike proteins on coronavirus molecules, preventing them from binding onto cells.

It also attacks and dissolves the fatty membrane of the virus by punching holes in it, leaving the RNA genome inside the virus exposed to the chemical disinfectants.

Cert has been tested by several experts across Europe under a variety of conditions.

During one test, Dr Jochen Steinmenn of the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Bremen tested Cert against modified vaccinia virus Ankara – the internationally recognised surrogate of SARS-CoV-2.

His tests certified that Cert effectively destroys the virus in just one minute.

Mr Rough said: “In its pre-dosed tablet form of combined detergent and disinfectant Cert. delivers the correct concentration and dosage, as recommended by Public Health England – Cert. provides you with hospital-grade hygiene both at home and work.”

In another test, Dr Andrew Kemp, a specialist in disinfection and decontamination, tested Cert on a wooden food chopping board, an alloy metal sink, and a man-made high gloss kitchen work top.

Dr Kemp said: “At the critical period – 5 minutes after treatment – Cert. killed 100% of the bacteria species used to contaminate the surfaces. You couldn’t ask for more.”

Two tubes of 18 tablets is priced at £17.99, and can be purchased through Amazon or the Cert website.


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