Byton unveils upgraded $45,000 M-Byte with FIVE screens inside – including one on the steering wheel


Chinese electric car startup Byton made an ambitious debut at the Consumer Electronics Show last year when it unveiled its futuristic ‘Smart Intuitive Vehicle,’ which boasts a nearly 50-inch dashboard display.

And this year in Las Vegas, the firm is taking things up another notch.  

Byton kicked off CES 2019 by revealing the souped up interior of its M-Byte vehicle, complete with additional displays and an improved user interface, allowing users to interact with the vehicle through gesture and voice commands.

All in all, M-Byte has five screens, each measuring at least the length of a standard tablet – including one positioned in the middle of the steering wheel. 

Byton also showed off its K-Byte concept electric sedan, which sports a digital grille and will launch with autonomous capabilities.

The firm plans to begin manufacturing the M-Byte by the end of this year, with the K-Byte to follow in 2021.

Byton claims its K-Byte sedan will launch with Level 4 autonomy. 

Nanjin-based Byton introduced its first drivable prototype last year after months of teasing the debut.

At the time, the company said it would roll out the mid-sized crossover vehicle with level 3 autonomy first to customers in China, starting at $45,000.

After launching in Asia in 2019, it’s expected to reach the US and Europe around 2020. 

In the year since unveiling its futuristic electric vehicle, the firm has upgraded the interior and the user interface, downplaying the role of gesture controls in lieu of other options, including voice commands.

M-Byte will come with support for Amazon’s Alexa. 

‘Byton’s M-Byte represents the transformation of the traditional car into a next-generation smart device for every user,’ said Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and Co-founder of Byton. 

‘We achieve this through the combination our state-of-the-art EV platform and our proprietary BYTON Life digital ecosystem.’

Not only does the mid-sized vehicle come with a 49-inch display across the dashboard, and a touchscreen at the center of the steering wheel, but it now boasts an touchscreen between the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

Additional screens are located on the headrests for passengers in the back seats. 

According to Byton, its 49-inch Shared Experience Display is ‘the largest screen ever fitted in a serial production vehicle.’

Last year, the firm said the base model will be able to achieve 250 miles on a charge, while the higher end variant will go up to about 325 miles – and, Byton claims it will charge incredibly fast.

At the time, Byton said it is on the verge of achieving a fast-charging system that will ‘get enough charge for a whole week of urban commuting’ in just the amount of time it takes you to have a cup of coffee.

Co-founder Dr Carson Breitfeld said the car will recharge to a range of 150 miles (249 kilometers) in just 20 minutes.

And, in just 30 minutes, the battery will be 80 percent full.

Its cars are designed to be ‘the next generation of smart devices for shared mobility and autonomous driving.’

As a result, much of the focus has been put into its smart human-vehicle interface.



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