China Wants ‘Next Asteroid Threat’ to be Hit With Space Rocks; How to Visit International Space Station?


Once a huge asteroid walks straight to planet Earth, what can humans do to prevent it from happening? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had their suggestion, such as crashing asteroid against spacecraft. But China also has something to offer. Find a spacecraft, collect space rocks, and hit that giant asteroid to curve movement or totally crushed it down.  

As reported, there are more than 18,000 near-Earth asteroids that pass by on the planet. If one of them shifts too near the planet Earth, there are possibilities of a major explosion between the asteroid and Earth. 

Chinese space agencies are now looking to find a way to stop an incoming asteroid from entering and damaging the Earth, as reported by CGTN. 

Experts from the National Space Science Center (NSSC) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggest building an unmanned spacecraft against the deadly asteroid. It is not the same principle as what NASA wants to do. 

In China, the space agency wants to collect all the space rocks floating in the galaxy using the unmanned spacecraft. Once a possible near-Earth huge asteroid comes, the agency will take control and hit the asteroid with the collected space rocks. It may result in curving the movement of the asteroid or deliberately crush it to pieces. 

According to simulations, this technique was said to be more effective in relocating the near-Earth object away from Earth. 

“The new technique is not constrained by the limitation of ground-based launch for artificial impactor, promising to significantly increase the effect of planetary defense against large asteroids,” said Li Mingtao of the NSSC, one of the authors of the study.

Here’s how to visit the International Space Station agency

While China awaits the simulation’s approval, the United States International Space Station (ISS) offers a way for everyone to understand in-depth info about space during the lockdown.

Google Arts and Culture have an amazing virtual tour inside the ISS. A 360-degree tour can be viewed by scrolling and clicking your way through the ISS virtual tour. 

This program also has an interactive line-up for children with its 10-out-of-this-world-facts about ISS. Aside from that, images and interactive virtual exhibits can also be viewed on the platform. 

Exhibits focused on women in space, an exploration of aviation history, and a collection of videos that are all about space exploration, are also available on Google Arts and Culture.

To view that, just go to the Space Exploration page on Google Arts and Culture. 

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