Historic SpaceX Toy Dinosaur Now Sold Out In Many Stores


The toy dinosaur astronauts aboard Crew Dragon recently brought to space in the recent mission, is quickly selling out online, Business Insider reported.

Tremor the Apatosaurus, the nickname of the toy dinosaur, is even more fortunate than most of us since he flew to space alongside NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benhken. Last weekend, they were part of the mission known as SpaceX that made a landmark trip to the International Space Station.

The toy looks like an innocent figurine in shiny textured skin but is special amongst enthusiasts. It has reversible pink and blue sequins, the common sight you see around shopping malls. These are the reasons why they want to have it on their shelves, raising its bar from being a simple toy toward becoming a collector’s item.

Unfortunately for these fans, the toy is sold out in many stores. In other words, extinct.

Viewers from across the globe saw the dinosaur during the SpaceX mission’s broadcast on Saturday. Aside from being a source of inspiration and fun, it became an indicator of zero gravity for these astronauts. Once the toy floats, they know they are at weightlessness.

One of the crew members, Benhken, issued a statement about the dinosaur, “We did end up with one stowaway on board our vehicle when we launched today. It was not just Doug and I who accomplished the launch here. We do have an Apatosaurus aboard.”

The toy dinosaur is named Tremor and originally belonged to one of the astronaut duo’s sons. Hurley has Jack, 10 years old, while Behnken has Theo, six years old.

“We collected up all the dinosaurs between our two houses, and ‘Tremor,’ the Apatosaurus, got the vote from the boys to make the trip into space today with us,” he added.

For many collectors and astronomy enthusiasts, they tried looking for the toy on SpaceX’s online store, but to date, it is no longer available. The website received several questions on whether it will be restocked.

However, on Wednesday, Tremor officially was listed out of stock, including on Amazon, Michael’s and Joann Fabrics.

Historic — this has always been the identifier for many missions launched into space. But what’s even more memorable was the dinosaur who “has gone to space before almost all of us.”

Even the United States president Donald Trump spoke earlier this week to talk about the space launch. Of course, it is the incumbent administration’s pride, but knowing Trump, he had additional statements.

SpaceX is the first-ever private spacecraft to reach orbit with astronauts aboard. The president said it is the space program saved after former president Barack Obama “ruined it,” Detroit News reported.

Trump stated, “With this launch, the decades of lost years and little action are officially over. …Past leaders put the United States at the mercy of foreign nations to send our astronauts into orbit. Not anymore. Today we once again proudly launch American astronauts on American rockets.”

He also hailed this historic moment, the “dawn of a new era in spaceflight.”

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