Instagram crashes for users around the world, leaving them unable to log in or refresh their feed


Instagram has been hit by an outage that’s preventing users from accessing the app around the world. 

The app began experiencing problems around 11:30 p.m. (ET), leaving Instagram users from the United States to Europe unable to access their feeds. 

As of late evening on Monday, there were fewer reports of outages, but some users appeared to still have trouble accessing the app.

It comes one day after Google suffered from a massive outage that caused Gmail, G Suite and YouTube to go down for hours.

The app appears to be down for users in some parts of the US, as well as regions in Europe, South America, Japan, India and Australia, according to Down Detector.    

Instagram users who have tried to post photos this afternoon have instead been hit with an error message: ‘Something went wrong. Please try again later.’ 

One user said their Instagram dashboard wouldn’t refresh, while another said their captions wouldn’t show up after publishing a post to the app. 

The issue seems to have primarily affected the app, though a small percentage of users said the Instagram website wasn’t online either. 

A Twitter user said: ‘Snapchat down yesterday and Instagram down today, will Twitter or Facebook be tomorrow?’ 

Other social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp didn’t appear to be affected by the issue. 

The Instagram outage has hit the app just a few hours after Google said it would investigate the outage that lasted for several hours on Sunday. 

The search giant said YouTube, G Suite and Gmail were disrupted as a result of ‘high levels of network congestion,’ but that it intended to examine the issue further and make improvements to its systems to prevent a similar event from happening again.

Google also insisted that the widespread outages, which primarily affected service in the Eastern United States, but also stretched across the globe, were not a result of cyberattacks.   


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