Too Busy To Prepare Food? Meet This Omelet-Cooking Robot


The omelet is a favorite breakfast dish across several cultures around the world. But if you are way too busy to prepare for you or the family, there’s a robot that can make these for you. reported a “robot chef” that uses machine learning skills to perfect the craft of cooking these omelets. It isn’t the first time the world heard about these amazing robots. In California, there are already robots that flip burgers for faster order processing for customers. In Berlin, robots dominate some kitchens.

Recently, the University of Cambridge started researching and studying how these robots can make omelet cooking a success. 

The proponent of the research from the university’s Department of Engineering, Dr. Fumiya IIda, believed the omelet is “easy to make, but difficult to make well.”

Researchers from the University of Cambridge partnered with Beko, a domestic appliance company, into creating this robot with the skill to cook one of the world’s favorite breakfast dishes. There have been many robots in the past that can prepare pancakes, pizzas, and more. 

They want to try if robots can also prepare this egg dish, especially since human beings have varied tastes when it comes to delicacies. Plus, these tastes are very subjective.

Iida also stated, “We thought it would be an ideal test to improve the abilities of a robot chef and optimize for taste, texture, smell, and appearance.”

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This robot can do many of the parts of the recipes, including cracking, whisking, stirring, and plating these eggs toward its finished product. To make this happen, the researchers enabled a machine learning algorithm that mimics the skills of human beings. It was also the Cambridge researchers who devised the algorithm.

Being robots, will they be making the same omelets? That is, to say, the same taste? The research lead explained, “So we needed to tweak the machine learning algorithm – the so-called batch algorithm – so that human tasters could give information based on comparative evaluations, rather than sequential ones.”

Thus, there will still be varied tastes despite the robot being the cook. They produce omelets with various qualities and make sure they “taste great.”

This omelet-making robot isn’t alone in wowing the world when it comes to cooking and other skills. Here are the world’s most famous robots.

Remember Stanley? This robot can scan terrains and select drivable courses for Volkswagen drivers, Wired reported.

Then, there’s Astroboy, a concept first seen in the 1950s, who can shoot lasers from his fingertips. A crime-fighting robot that has become an inspiration for children, he has been one of Japan’s ultimate pride.

Furthermore, you also have the two robots that were part of the mission to Mars in 2004. Joining the list are the Da Vinci Surgical System, Dante II, The Stanford Cart, Speedy, Genghis, Wabot and Wabot 2, and Robart III. The world’s most famous robots include P2 of Honda, Asimo, R2D2, and the Tin Woodman.


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