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[Update] Overdue ISS Oxygen Leak Fixed with Simple Home Remedy You’d Never Thought Of


Russian astronauts were on the verge of facing a significant problem aboard the International Space Station because of an oxygen leak that is now identified and plugged using tea bags and sticky tape. Incredibly witty spacemen fixed the problem immediately, preventing massive loss of equipment or systems failure that may occur with a troublesome leak.

The International Space Station would have been compromised if it were not for the quick-thinking Russian spacemen who plugged the leak using “home remedies” tea bags and sticky tape. The unconventional method by the astronauts has ensured the safety of everyone aboard.

According to Mirror.co, the International Space Station recently had a leak on its body that opened a small gap on the surface, allowing air from the inside to escape. The leak would have been devastating and dangerous to all the passengers and on the spacecraft.

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Thankfully, the astronauts were quick to react and fix the leak, identifying the origin immediately before it caused a more significant problem among the space station’s crew and inhabitants.

The Russians took advantage of the zero gravity situation and let a tea bag float to follow the leak. As air escapes through the leak, the teabag would follow and lead the astronauts to the problem’s source despite it being the smallest of size.

Air leaks would immediately be identified in space situations, particularly on spacecraft sporting a pressurized cabin. Air compression in high altitude settings is essential to maintain a specific environment that the human body is accustomed to.

Upon identifying the leak, the Russian astronauts used a sticky tape to seal off the leak and prevent any more air from escaping. The tape is a temporary measure for the leak but holds out quite well for all ISS passengers’ safety situation.

According to 51-year-old Russian astronaut Anatoly Ivanishin, the crew have correctly identified the leak and temporarily fixed it. After fixing the leak, the Russians saw a stabilization in the cabin’s air pressure, meaning the teabag successfully led them to the problem.

The leak was found on the Zvezda Module, the third addition to the International Space Station that is meant to provide life support to all its passengers. This particular model was Russia’s first contribution to the ISS, serving as the station’s first human habitation.

The ISS has two segments on it, a US and Russian segment, where famed spacemen from the two countries would bunk and side over. The International Space Station is a common ground for all astronauts, serving as a neutral place above the planet’s countries and borders.

Russia now reports that the Soyuz MS-17 has now docked the space station, loaded with the equipment needed for repairs.

The International Space Station is now long overdue for more than five years already, since its initial launch in 1998. The space station’s hardware was built to last for only fifteen years, starting from its first year of operation.

ISS should have upgraded back in 2013 but is now continuing its use, seven years after its recommended life.

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Written by Isaiah Alonzo

Zvezda Module’s Leak: Problem Solved

ISS Overdue: 5 Years Older than Expected


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