Will this asteroid hit the Earth? Giant chunk comes damn close to us! End of the world or postponed?


The asteroid 2016 AJ193 is a huge 1,400-meter chunk from the depths of space. This weekend, the potential killer asteroid will come close to Earth – and this time it will be very close again!

Asteroid 2016 AJ193 approaches the earth

Almost every day, small or even slightly larger asteroids fly by Earth. The NASA leads lists, on which the asteroids are specified, from which either by their size or their distance of the flyby of a danger for the earth could proceed. Also the asteroid 2016 AJ193 is on this list. Because by its enormous size with a diameter of approximately 1,400 meters the asteroid could in case of a collision with the earth heavy

damage in the event of a collision with Earth. This weekend, the asteroid will now reach a point close to Earth. For this time, however, NASA experts can give the all-clear. Because the asteroid 2016 AJ193 will pass the Earth this time with some distance. At 5:10 p.m., the asteroid will reach the closest point to Earth on its trajectory and then pass 3.4 million kilometers from Earth. This is roughly 8.9 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. However, if the chunk of space changes its trajectory, Earth could be in danger during future approaches.

What happens when an asteroid collides with Earth?

A collision of the earth with the well 1,400 meters large asteroid would provide for enormous damage. Because asteroids from a size of 500 meters could endanger the life of millions of humans on earth. For this purpose, there is the so-called “Asteroid Collision Map”, which can be used to calculate the damage caused by the impact of an asteroid. Within a radius of several hundred kilometers around the place where the asteroid hits, everything would be burned and destroyed by an enormous shock wave. Afterwards dust and ash rain would lead world-wide to heavy impairments of the climate. Thus, an asteroid was also responsible for the end of the dinosaurs on Earth. The dust cloud created after the impact had darkened the earth for years.



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