After colliding with Norman Hansen in Madison due to a ‘damp patch’ on the track, Mark Cavendish was carried off on a stretcher.


After colliding with Norman Hansen in Madison due to a ‘damp patch’ on the track, Mark Cavendish was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

After crashing in the Ghent Six on Sunday, cycling legend Mark Cavendish was carried away on a stretcher.

Both the Manx Missile and Norman Hansen went down in the final event of the men’s Madison.

There was a damp patch on the track, according to fellow racer Jasper De Buyst.

Kenny DeKetele was the first to notice it and swerved sharply to avoid it.

But this threw Hansen to the ground, and Cavendish collided with him after being unable to get out of the way.

Medics were dispatched to the scene to assess the riders’ condition.

Cavendish was also taken away on a stretcher as a precautionary measure before the course was repaired.

“Stupid that it has to happen this way,” De Buyst told Sporza.


“I had noticed some water the lap before, but I ran over it at a slower pace.”

It went completely wrong the next round.”

“I don’t feel great, my body is quite stiff,” said Hansen, the first man to crash.

“I got permission from the doctor to continue, but I’m already feeling better.”

Despite being able to stand up after the race, Cavendish did not return to finish the race, leaving teammate Iljo Keisse to finish alone.

However, his team, Deceuninck-QuickStep, promised fans that once they had more information on Cavendish, they would update fans.

The ace is almost certainly still giddy from his Tour de France triumphs earlier this year.

He stunned the crowd when he tied Eddie Merckx’s record of 24 stage victories.

Cavendish won four of them in 2021, his first at Le Tour in five years.

In September’s Tour of Britain, he did not fare as well, finishing 68th overall and failing to win a stage.

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Mark Cavendish was taken away in a stretcher after crashing in the Ghent SixThe collision occurred due to a damp patch on the track

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