Another bidder for the Schicka. To hosting him he said he wanted Newcastle



With the information came to british newspaper the Daily Mail, which reported that Newcastle would have Schicka in the ideal case took on annual hosting options.

Weird, right? AS Rome, to which the Czech striker belongs, perhaps half of the spring acts in Leipzig on the amount for a transfer and now a football player again, someone borrowed? According to foreign reporters, the real variant.

Continue to apply, that the Italian a whole prefers a sale for around eur 30 million. However, the report, that in Rome could hear even the offer of hosting, galvanized the Newcastle to action.

For the club from the north east of England is the signing of quality striker the number one priority: shooting goals is not his forte and Brazilian Joelinton, which in the summer broke the club transfer record so far in the league hit just once, which is worth 44 million euros to an awkward balance.

Store that queer English football

Criticism of the sale of Newcastle

The schick eventual arrival would not jeopardize or potentially unsuccessful effort by a saudi arabian investment fund, which manages crown prince Mohamed bin Salman, about the takeover of the club. The negotiations for over two months, the store don’t like Amnesty International and currently he is heavily involved with the World trade organization, according to which Saudi Arabia is responsible for the pirate broadcast the English Premier League.

Newcastle are in a tug of war about Schicka could get involved, because Leipzig has expired pre-emptive right to exercise the option. Its value was set at 29 million eur, the German a whole but felt the economic consequences of suspended contests for the pandemic coronavirus and wanted from Rome about devítimilionovou discount.


“We’d like Patrick to keep, but it has to be on reasonable terms,” repeated in different forms, coach Julian Nagelsmann, who previously said that the club budget is not infinite.

Relax your hands could Thursday’s transfer sniper Tim Werner to Chelsea, who paid the buyout clause in the amount of fifty million pounds.

Leipzig is also trying to gain time, because in the bundesliga still has some qualification to the champions League (and thus a fat financial bonus): needs to do on Saturday to beat Dortmund.

Remain, however, that Leipzig has to stay Schicka interest and Schick is interested in staying in Leipzig. National team striker number one in Germany after a failed engagement in Rome came to life, experiencing a good season and banged in ten league goals.

Such a balance logically attracts another bidder, which the Schick does not need. Last summer, down on him, the detective work, the Spanish Valencia, the German clubs Dortmund, Leverkusen and Schalke, then also Crystal Palace and Everton, in whose list of allegedly involved to this day. Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport states still Tottenham.




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