Austria pulls out Option in the case of Lukas Prokop and Pascal maker


LAFNITZ,AUSTRIA,10.JUN.20 - SOCCER - HPYBET 2. League, SV Lafnitz vs Young violet's Austria Wien. Image shows Daniel Rosenbichler (Lafnitz) and Lukas Prokop (Young violet's). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Michael Meindl

Lukas Prokop, and Pascal-makers, the FK Austria Wien, and the Young Violets in the season 2020/21 available. The two outside defenders, the contractually fixed Option for a contract extension by the deadline drawn.

The younger brother of Dominik Prokop since 2006, he plays for Austria Vienna and delivery of the U8 started the entire Junior and Academy section of the Violets. Heuer Lukas Prokop is one among the Young Violets of the absolute master players, completed 20 of 22 possible games in the 2. League and was always in the starting line-up. Only Niels Hahn, Mirko Kos and Anouar El Moukhantir have 2019/20 more minutes for the Young Violets as the left-back.

The 19-year-old Pascal-maker moved in the Winter of 2014 at the age of 12 years, to Austria, Vienna and continued through also, since 2018, he is in the squad of Harald Suchard. In the current season rights defenders-maker was so far to 15, eleven of them from the beginning.

Sporting Director Ralf Muhr“It is always very pleasing when we are able to bind a self-made player to us, now there are even two young players who have come through our Junior staff and the Academy. Both have in the last few years, and also in the 2. League is a positive development of your career, the next year will show which direction your career will proceed. You now have the Chance to prove himself and to recommend for more.”

sa-20-6-tipico-bundesliga quali groupsa-20-6-tipico-bundesliga quali group

Source: FK Austria Wien

Article image: GEPA


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