Because of a visa dispute, Djokovic will be returned to a detention center and frogmarched to a plane by armed cops in HOURS.


Because of a visa dispute, Djokovic will be returned to a detention center and frogmarched to a plane by armed cops in HOURS.

NOVAK Djokovic’s visa will be revoked for the second time in hours, and he will be returned to a maggot-infested detention center.

If his last-ditch appeal fails, the 34-year-old tennis star could be deported and escorted to the airport under armed guard.

When Djokovic’s visa was revoked when he first arrived in Australia, the saga over his anti-vaxxer status began.

The Australian government recently revoked his visa, overturning a successful appeal that had seen him released from detention.

His legal team immediately launched a last-ditch attempt to keep him in the country for a special night court hearing.

In the meantime, he’s been told to show up at 8 a.m. on Saturday for a meeting with immigration officials, where he’ll be detained again while his appeal is pending.

He’ll almost certainly be returned to Melbourne’s Park Hotel, a notorious immigration detention facility.

A hotel guest claimed last month that the food served to those detained there contained maggots and mould.

Another asylum seeker, on the other hand, claimed to have vomited after eating the food.

His mother Dijana spoke out about the conditions he faced the first time he was there.

“He was trying to sleep, but he couldn’t,” she said at a press conference in Belgrade.

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“What can I say as a mother, you can only imagine how I feel, I’ve been feeling terrible since yesterday, the last 24 hours.”

“They are treating him as if he were a prisoner; it’s not right, and it’s not human.”

If Djokovic is deported from Australia, armed cops will accompany him to the plane.

If an application to stay is denied, a person will be arrested and deported from Australia, according to the gotocourt legal website.

Officers of the Australian Border Force and the police are routinely armed.

If they have been detained by the police, they will be deported.

According to immigration expert Abdul Rizvi, if he does not comply with the demands of the immigration service, he will be arrested by armed cops.

“The cancellation notice (would be) taken by Australian Border Force (officers) who usually dress in very, very dark uniforms and often carry guns turning up to Mr Djokovic’s hotel or on the tennis court,” Mr Rizvi told Channel 10’s The Project.

Judge Anthony Kelly threw Djokovic another lifeline during a hastily scheduled late-night hearing in the Federal Circuit Court.

He issued a directive to the federal government not to…

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