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Belgian star Miguel Van Damme, 27, reveals leukaemia has returned for THIRD time as docs say there is no treatment left


BRAVE Belgian keeper Miguel Van Damme has revealed his leukaemia has returned for a third time.

The 27-year-old, who plays for Cerce Brugge, heartbreakingly confirmed there are no treatments left to fight the cancer.

Van Damme updated fans with his situation in July 2019 when he revealed his cancer had returned just a few months after going into remission.

He has vowed to continue fighting in an emotional video on his Instagram page.

The stopper said: “Unfortunately, I am here again with bad news.

“I had my bone marrow biopsy results yesterday showing that the leukaemia is back in my bone marrow.

“That means that the treatment I am now receiving is not working.

“There are no other options now, because I have already had everything I can have. There are no treatments left now.

“The only thing they can do for me now is to keep me alive as long as possible, until someone somewhere in the world comes up with a new treatment. Unfortunately that is not the case yet.

“I am now being quarantined for 4 weeks with chemotherapy. That has already shown that it can expel the leukemia from my body, even if it is only temporarily. That could give me some time.

“How long I can keep this up, I don’t know.

“I’m certainly not going to give up and will do everything I can to postpone it as long as possible.

“It will be very tough, because of the eye of the needle, a little bit of hope, I keep believing in it. I’ll never give up. “

Van Damme has been at Cercle Brugge since 2013 and has played 37 times for the club.

Their fierce rivals Club Brugge have shown their support for Van Damme by revealing he will kick-off their derby match on Sunday followed by a round of applause.


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