Bill Parcells’ Honest Admission Is Met With Applause Around The NFL


The NFL Community Reacts To Bill Parcells’ Open Admission

Would Bill Parcells, the legendary NFL head coach, have taken Peyton Manning with the first overall pick?

Wasn’t he the first overall pick in the 1997 draft?

Manning chose to stay in school and was assigned to the No. 1 quarterback position.

The following year, Indianapolis was ranked number one in the country.

If he had come out in 1997, Parcells and the Jets would have had to make a decision.

Manning should be drafted at No. 1 overall.

Is it better to keep quarterback Neil O’Donnell at No. 1 overall?

On Monday night, Parcells revealed his response.

“Well, we would have definitely drafted him, but I think I would have cut my throat around (interception) No.

“I wouldn’t have seen those extra 13 if I hadn’t been 15,” Parcells admitted.

However, not everyone is convinced.

Yahoo! Sports reports:

Others are skeptical as well.

Parcells also made a frank admission about his coaching methods.

Do you think the legendary head coach is telling the truth?

Bill Parcells’ Honest Admission Is Met With Reaction From The NFL World

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NFL World Reacts To Bill Parcells’ Honest Admission

NFL World Reacts To Bill Parcells’ Honest Admission

Now it’s easy to say that the Hall of Fame coach would have drafted the HOF quarterback. They’ve since become quite close confidants, too. Manning called Parcells during his neck surgery rehab as he was debating his football future near the close of his Colts chapter. There’s clearly an eye-to-eye respect there, so it could have worked with the Jets, knowing what we know now.

Back then, however, it’s clear that the Mannings did not know Parcells’ true intentions. He kept them close to the vest when Archie Manning called Parcells on Peyton’s behalf twice before Peyton made his final draft decision. Former New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers has written on the subject often.

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