Bionic man Kurt Maflin in Crucible quarter-finals 10 years after crash left him with 8-inch metal plate in his shoulder


BIONIC man Kurt Maflin makes his first appearance in the Betfred World Snooker Championship quarter-finals — ten years after a lucky escape from a car crash.

Maflin busted his collarbone in the horror smash and his right shoulder is now held together with an EIGHT-INCH metal plate and eight screws.

The London-born potter said:  “I was driving in Norway and found myself on pure ice.

“I lightly pressed the brakes but I still started skidding.

“The car spun round and round and collided head on with another car coming in the other direction.

“There was a five or ten-second period where I blacked out.

“The first thing I heard when I came round  was children screaming. I thought it was going to be very bad.

“Thankfully, a man got out of  the car and  didn’t have a scratch on him and neither did the children. They were just shaken up.

“I didn’t know I had broken my collarbone.

“I complained how sore it was and showed another driver who pulled over.

“He told me it was snapped in two and I went to hospital.”

I haven’t had to change my cue action. It just took quite a while to get fit again.

Maflin was told he needed an op but ignored medical advice to play a Challenge Tour event in London a few days later.

He revealed: “I told the doctor I couldn’t as I was in quite a good position in the rankings  and needed to play.

“I flew over and it was so painful that I couldn’t play any stun shots, all I could do was roll balls in.

“I somehow managed to win my first game but lost in the next round.

“It was a bit stupid really. When I got back I had the surgery and they did a  good job.

“I have an eight-inch plate in my shoulder with eight screws.

“I haven’t had to change my cue action. It just took quite a while to get fit again.”

Maflin moved to Oslo in 2004 to live with wife Anita.

And he will have a famous Norwegian world champion rooting for him in the last-eight Betfred showdown in Sheffield.

Maflin, 37, is a chess fan and  received goodwill wishes from Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

The 29-year-old said: “I saw that Kurt beat John Higgins and I was very impressed by his performance.

“I would like to pass on my congratulations to Kurt and wish him good luck for his quarter-final at the Crucible.”

Outmanoeuvring four-time world champ Higgins in the last 16 was one of the defining results of Maflin’s career.

And it has him dreaming of becoming Crucible king — and one day meeting his chess idol.

 Maflin added: “He is just phenomenal. It is ridiculous how good he is.

“I play a lot of chess, just to a bog-average level. But I find it stimulates your mind with all the combinations of different moves.

“The person I’d most love to meet is Magnus. He likes snooker.   It feels fantastic to know he has seen what I am doing and is wishing me  the best.”


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