Carry on celebrating! USA should not be condemned for celebrating any of their 13 goals


It is crazy that the USA have come under fire for the way they carried on celebrating when racing into a 13-0 lead against Thailand.

If you can’t get excited about scoring at a World Cup then there really is no point in celebrating at all.

Few players get the chance to play on this stage. Fewer still will experience the pure elation of scoring a goal at the World Cup.

I never played at a major tournament but had I scored a World Cup goal I most certainly would have celebrated — whether it was for 1-0 or 10-0.

The United States were already 3-0 up at half time. Imagine if they had come out after the break and taken their foot off the gas. That really would have been disrespectful. Instead, they laid down a marker to their rivals.

Momentum is key in tournament football and after this emphatic victory the defending champions are most certainly the team to beat.


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