F2 driver Anthoine Hubert: Report into death has found ‘No single cause and no-one to blame’


The report into the 14.6 seconds of mayhem that led to the death of Formula Two driver Anthoine Hubert has cleared all parties of blame.

The FIA have concluded their investigation into the 22-year-old Frenchman’s accident on the eve of last year’s Belgian Grand Prix, saying he experienced an 81.8g impact when he was T-boned by fellow racer Juan Manuel Correa.

The report, noting the involvement of four cars, said: ‘There was no single specific cause but multiple factors giving rise to the severity of the incident.

‘No driver failed to react appropriately in response to the yellow flag signal or to circumstances on track.

‘The reaction of marshals and race control in deploying signalling and rescue services is considered timely and good.’

The first of the four drivers involved was Frenchman Giuliano Alesi, son of ex-F1 star Jean. In ‘reasonable probability’ he smashed into the barriers following the ‘loss of internal pressure in the right rear tyre’.

Hubert and Swiss driver Ralph Boschung then collided as they moved to the right to avoid Alesi and his debris.

Travelling at 160mph, Hubert was propelled in and out of the barriers as Correa approached. The American, who was severely injured, hit debris from Alesi’s accident, sending him on the trajectory to hit Hubert’s car at 86 degrees and 136mph.

The FIA said the findings would feed into their ongoing safety work.


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