Fans joke Pep Guardiola started talking to an empty chair at Wembley he was so shocked by Arsenal’s amazing performance


FANS think losing his grip on the FA Cup has got to Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola – as footage emerged of him talking to an empty chair at Wembley.

The Spaniard was so amazed by the Gunners’ defending in the 2-0 semi-final loss he turned around and appeared to explain his point to one of the red chairs next to him.

Arsenal have made Guardiola lose his mind, he’s started talking to an empty chair 😭😂

Fans have had a field day joking that Guardiola is slowly losing it.

His City side are set to finish nearly 20 points behind champions Liverpool.

They also face a huge task in the Champions League, with their route to the final possibly blocked by Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona.

And the FA Cup holders’ exit at the hands of the mid-table Gunners, seems to have been the final straw, joked fans.

The Spaniard watched his side put in a bitterly disappointing performance at Wembley against his former assistant, Mikel Arteta’s new team.

And fans could not resist a dig.

Rizzy said: “Guardiola has completely lost it. Who’s gonna tell him Arteta is no longer by his side.”


Darren Trimble posted: “Does pep realise arteta has left?”

Arfapint posted: “Peps lost the plot he telling the invisible attacker to get on.”

Another said: “Sorry Pep can’t get answer this time…Mikel no longer on that seat!!!!”

‘Unclelexx’ posted: “Seems Arteta was always the brains behind the operation. Hope they give him $$ to build this team.”

Nkato said: “He’s having a conversation with Artetas ghost since he can’t discuss tactics with the real one anymore.”

One fan posted on Twitter: “He figured out midway that no one was sitting there, and he couldn’t stop cause he knew camera was already on him.”

Another supporter, Shaun Griffith, said: “I’m a City fan and this made me laugh.”

Another added: ” Its a reflex activity. He saw the camera pointed towards him and immediately he has to show actions as if he’s explaining tactics.”

Guardiola was amazed at the Gunners’ backline, with David Luiz and ex-Celtic player Kieran Tierney outstanding in a back three.

He was actually turning to make a point to his assistant, Juan Manuel Lillo, who was sat a seat further away.

But the footage made it look as though he was cracking up.

Experienced Spaniard Lillo was brought in to replace Arteta when he became Arsenal boss in December.

City fan Eric Limpopo leapt to Guardiola’s defence, posting: “That’s how social media misleads people.”

While another fan said: “When your junior does a better job than you.”

Another added: “Imagine what playing against Madrid will do to him.”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang struck twice for the Gunners.


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