Goalkeeping legend David Seaman calls out online seller for flogging fake signed photo which had his name spelt wrong


GOALKEEPING legend David Seaman has called out a clueless online seller who was flogging a photo of the star with a hand written  personal message – which had his name spelt WRONG.

The hapless salesman was advertising a photo of the former England keeper on Facebook Marketplace with a message which read: “All the best David Seman x”.

The photo was being sold for £5 and was listed two days ago with the location as Hull.

When a fan of Seaman, 56, tagged him in a tweet which pointed out the photo was being sold online, he replied: “Signed by who???!!!!” with a laughing emoji face.  

A black Sharpie pen was even seen next to the signed photograph, with people on social media speculating that it might have been used to write the bogus message. 

The fan that pointed it out, Ross Collier, tweeted the legend to say: “This is genuinely for sale on Facebook marketplace.”

Seaman’s reply went viral with more than 40 thousand likes and thousands of retweets. 

The item appears to have been removed from Facebook after Seaman’s fans messaged the seller to take the mick. 

Signed by who???!!!!😂 https://t.co/QnjVKOkepy

One follower replied to Ross’ tweet to say: “It’s the sharpie on the desk that does me.”

Ross replied: “Not even tried to hide it. Class!”

Many genuine Seaman fans also replied with real signed shirts and memorabilia of the former Arsenal legend.

Another said: “It’s the pen I like most.”

Another said: “I’d genuinely buy this just for the laughs.”

One user wrote: “I’d buy that just for the joke!”

One fan wrote: “Love that the Sharpie is still in the shot like he’s literally just signed it, framed it and taken the picture!”

Jimmy Ottaway wrote: “Why leave the Sharpie on show in the photo? Impressive levels of stupidity there.”

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