HOT OR NOT: Unlike Jurgen Klopp’s squad of professional suntanners, James Milner showed class


It’s Hot or Not time again as Sportsmail’s Riath Al-Samarrai reveals what’s been making him feel warm and what’s been leaving him cold this week. 

Brooks Koepka said in October that theirs wasn’t much of a rivalry and he was right. Then. But now? In four tournaments since, McIlroy has gone 3-1-4-3 and will take Koepka’s spot as world No 1 next week. Small fry compared to majors, but at this speed McIlroy will be hard to stop.

As of the Australian Open, he has 17 Slams to his name and seems a very good bet to pass Roger Federer’s haul of 20. But why can’t we love him? His little tantrum in the final, when evidently the umpire’s crime was to read the massive shot clock next to the court, is a decent place to start.

Unlike Jurgen Klopp and his squad of professional suntanners, James Milner turned up to watch Liverpool’s FA Cup replay against Shrewsbury. Klopp’s stance has been discussed ad nauseam, but good on Milner for having the decency to come in and support to younger colleagues.

They released their latest batch of record-distorting footwear this week, with the new AlphaFly stepping close to the limit of the soft regulations introduced by World Athletics last week. Ethically it stinks. Nike will dominate the Olympics but there ought to be an asterisk next to a good chunk of the performances.

Their chief executive Robert Elstone admits regret at allowing the Israel Folau saga, and yet it has been claimed that his organisation told teams to not speak out on it. What a muddled and mucky state of affairs.

Gabe Hamlin of Wigan Warriors is hit with a two-year ban for cocaine use. And what of serious drugs cheats? They’re still running around or punching people. Low-hanging fruit is well and good, but time for UKAD to reach a little higher, perhaps.


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